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Safes and Vaults
Quality safes are an investment, not an expense. In the past, you would walk into a bank and see the vault door standing open, with all the massive bolts and intricate clocks exposed for you to see. This served to reassure you that your deposits were safe within the confines of this enormous fortress. Technology has downsized this protection, without compromising the security. You can now have protection appropriate for your needs, that is convenient to use, and an affordable investment that will serve your needs for many years.

Safes have become another profit center for discount stores and office equipment vendors. However, it is unlikely that the sales associate that may carry your new safe out to your car has a clue regarding the various ratings and features that you should understand before you make your purchase. Modern safes are rated by various agencies, such as Underwriters Laboratories, for the ability to withstand attacks by thieves or the threat of fire. Many safes available today are imported and wrapped in a glossy box to attract your attention and encourage you to buy. Investigate before your invest. We can help you choose the fire or burglary safe that best fits your needs.

Safe Manufacturers

  • Gardall Safe Corporation
  • American Security Products (AMSEC)
  • Perma-Vault
  • Inkas Safe Manufacturing
  • Mesa Safe

Safe Categories

  • Fire Resistant Safes (1 Hour, 2 Hour)
  • Data Safes
  • Burglary Rated Safes
  • Deposit Safes
  • Portable Safes