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High Security Keys & CylindersThe most common key cylinder in use throughout the United States today, is the pin tumbler cylinder, invented over 100 years ago. You may have seen articles or news reports about how easy it is to pick or "bump" these locks open. Fortunately, you do have alternatives. There are high security cylinders available from various manufacturers, which meet higher standards of pick and bump resistance. Most of these cylinders also come with a patented restricted key, so that the owner of the key system can control how many duplicate keys are in use. These cylinders are designed to retrofit into several manufacturer's locks, enabling you to upgrade to a higher security cylinder, with key control, without the expense of replacing the entire lock. Let us show you how you can upgrade your hardware, and reduce the need for future lock changes.

High Security UL 437 Cylinders

  • Medeco BiAxial Cylinders

Restricted Key Cylinders

  • Medeco BiAxial Cylinders
  • Medeco Keymark Cylinders
  • Medeco BiLevel Cylinders
  • Schlage Primus Cylinders
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