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Access ControlAccess control is the fastest growing segment of security.

There was a time when security meant keeping the "bad guys" out of your building or off your property.  Times have changed!  With life happening 24 hours a day, flexible work schedules, and multi-use buildings, you need to control who can go where, when they can go there, and be able to get a report about who went where in your facility.  A properly designed access control system can solve all of the above problems.  No more changing the locks every time an employee leaves.  Simply remove their access priviledges.

Access Systems

  • Keri Systems
  • Continental Access
  • HID Proximity Readers
  • Smart Cards
  • Biometric Access Control
  • Telephone Entry Systems
  • Intercoms

Stand Alone Digital Access

  • Kaba Digital Locks
  • Kaba E-Plex
  • Alarm Lock Trilogy
  • Schlage Cobra
  • Securitron Digital Access
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